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HELP ... please help your donations are very valuable, a one off payment / regular monthly payments, every penny goes towards the cost of education, medicine, schools fee, clothing, winter comforts, hospital fees, shelter, water and food.


IF YOU do not want to give to this Non Profit Org then please give to one you feel more comfortable with as every £1 counts.


People in Nepal earn upto £30 a month, this is the means of living for food, shelter, clothing and education. Please give generously if not money then any clothing / household equipment / your time to volunteer. 



Working Internationally Nepal Pokhara


We raises funds for projects in Nepal were we refurbish local schools and supply resources (computers, books etc_)

As well as  bringing education to children  we also help local communities with Communal water / showers , Reforming existing homes and temples , Clothes and household items to help children, supporting shelter homes for orphan children,  Medical assistance for children


Our main priority from the above list is to help as many children back into education who are vulnerable and with special needs. We are working with the local schools in poor villages who do not have the resources, we are helping them with providing school equipments and resources that are required.


SUCCESS in India and Nepal

We send clothes, books, stationary and shoes regularly (twice a year), giving these around rural villages where not many people and government reach to help.


OK Charity has successfully done the following:

  • Refurbish community centre in Banbassa Uttrakhand Click to view

  • Refurbish local school in Champawat where unprivileged children attend

  • Helped financially support a family in Goa who were in crisis. Now they in a better place, thanking Ok-Charity in Verla Canca Goa

  • Refurbished and renovated a home in Karela, a very poor family with young children who had no walls, windows, doors, no electric, water drainage. Home completely rennovated. Click to view


And much more OK-Charity continues to seek out poor children and families who need that little support to better their lives.

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Projects in progress - Nepal Schools Rebuild and Support

We have been working around India Uttrakhand (borders of nepal) and in Nepal since 2013 making a huge difference to many communities and schools who are from unprivileged and poor families.

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A school that provides for impure, polluted and untouchable. These are the words that are used to describe a class of Nepalese people known as Dalits. This school is in a village in the mountains of Nepal 30km outside Pokhara. The school caters for low class families who cannot attend normal government schools, or boarding schools due to their caste. The school has approx. 40 children with 6 of them orphans, the ages of the children is between 3 to 12 years old


The school has no funding from government, they only supply 2 teachers. The local village families and local business try to keep the running of the school. The school was badly affected by the earthquake, they currently have no classrooms, no electric, no water and a toilet far away from the school.


Uma Bostala in picture (white top), is the trustee for OK-Charity managing this project. By APR 2019 we completed the rebuilt of the 4 classrooms, installed electric, water and drainage. All new furniture for the classrooms (desk, bookshelves, blackboards, carpet).


PROGRESS REPORT: we have successfully built 4 classrooms, 3 toilets, fully furnished school with new furniture and electric and water supply bought to the school.

PHASE2 - Carbon  Renewal Energy project started APR 2019

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Nepal Project II - 3 Year Plan

Partnering with Pre & Primary School in Nepal


For underprivileged, rural community to give their children the start they need.


Mount top Kids Academy was established by Sangeeta, the pre-school for children of labors and poor families. Being a mother herself, she believes in early education to every child. Currently she is running a pre-primary school for children aged 3-10 years for their all around growth. It is located in a green environment far from the hectic city area. She started with 10 children in 2013 and now has 75 kids in the school. Due to remote location as well as lifestyle of families minimal tuition fees are being charged. Some needy ones are provided with free education as well as the facilities provided by the school.


Currently the school is in going through financial crisis with very little coming in and more going out. Not many families are able to pay for the full tuition. OK-Charity has partnered up with Mount top academy to bring financial stability, this will bring so much support to poor families who cannot afford full tuition.


Read more how we plan to help over the next 3 years and how you can help


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