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Success Projects In Nepal Pokhara

  • Homeless Feed regular basis Woolwick UK

  • Giving FOOD and CLOTHES to ELDERLY at AVANTE CARE HOME, Woolwich adn Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich Dec 2018

  • Two Orange Days Summer 2018 FCDA (Feltham Community Development Centre and Green Corridor)

  • HAY christmas party 11 Dec 2017

  • GSK Orange day 19th Sept 2017

  •  Refurbishment (GC improves access for disadvantaged 14-25 year olds to sustained employment, education and training through practical environmental land based learning.)

  • OK Charity working with SKY to bring opportunities for children to use the Studios during term time -

          success FCDA attended the studios Aug 2017

  • OK-Charity donated £2500 (May 2017) to Feltham Community Development Centre

  • Partnering up with GSK to refurb The Hanworth community centre in Hounslow (120 employees achieved a 5 year plan in 1 day)

  • Partnered up with WIPRO for torch run to raise money for children projects @ The Hanworth Centre

  • Monthly contribution from OK-Charity The Hanworth Community Centre

  • Food and clothes contributed to young children in Hounslow Borough

  • Dinner & Dance event with Metropolitan Police Sikh Association to raise awareness and donations for community centre projects

  • Fun Run event at Richmond Park to raise awareness and donations for community centre projects

  • Linking up with Tesco and other High Street stores for food and uniform donations

  • Linking up with local community team sto feed homeless

  • Yearly christmas donations to the lone elderely in hospitals around the UK.


and many more events were attended to bring awareness to the communities and business how much of their support is required.

  • Shipped over 3.0 tonnes  of clothes to villages in India Nepal for children and adults in deprived area

  • Spending over £3000 to renovate local temple and community housing in Uttrakhand Champawat - Banbassa

  • Supporting and donating clothes and stationary at Goa Orphanage

  • Renovating a complete home in Karela India with new electrics, water, walls, windows and doors and new bathroom and kitchen, house fully tiled and painted. 

  • Rebuilt and Renovated primary school in Pokhara (Rural Village) which was affected by the earthquake, school for the untouchables. This school is in a village in the mountains of Nepal 30km outside Pokhara. The school caters for low class families who cannot attend normal government schools, or boarding schools due to their caste.

  • Partnered with Pre School in Pokhara Nepal THREE YEAR PROJECT - For underprivileged, rural community to give their children the start they need PARTNERSHIP IN PROGRESS to view click on link


Success Projects in UK Hounslow

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